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When I purchased my Tower Grove East home, I loved that it was mostly upgraded but still left me some opportunity to make it a bit sexier

2nd Floor Hall Bath. Glass top Vanity. Ceramic Tile surround.


The guest bathroom was nice, however, they left the tub just hanging out in the room.  After receiving more than one nasty scratch from the corner of the tub, I decided it was time to give this room a facelift.  And besides, any bathroom that uses the same floor tile as the wall of the shower with no accent should be demolished.  Also, the paint color was way too bland and the sink offered no drawers or storage.



I knew from the beginning I wanted to use a clawfoot tub.  Luckily I scored one for FREE that just needed some refinishing!

1780741_10152218882447177_1653737322_n 1441430_10152003395827177_547171958_n

I enjoyed refinishing this tub, taking the old paint off and sanding it down and repainting.  It was a lot of hard work but was worth a FREE TUB!

Next came demo!

20140319_174050   20140414_104908

Removing an entire bathroom in a still functioning home takes a bit longer because you have to clean up after yourself constantly.  Once everything was removed (and I received a great workout!) I laid the hardibacker and was ready for tile!


I LOVED LOVED LOVED the tile I chose for the room.  I took a risk using this accent wall tile on the floor, but it turned out great!  I installed the clawfoot tub and BOOM!

Now for the dresser vanity.  I got this vanity for free from a different house flip.  I figured how hard can it be to cut a hole for a sink and paint, right?  WRONG!


I built a frame to go around the existing mirror, used the same light, and went with a medium gray/barely tiffany blue color for the walls.



I purchased my home for $180,000 and with just a few small home upgrades, it sold less than two years later for $227,000!!!