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We were very excited when the L family contacted us about renovating their dream home before they moved in.  It’s always ideal when a client gives us a blank space to work in so that we don’t have to work around their daily living schedule.  This Fenton home was in pretty good shape before we got started on it.  Here was the layout we were going for.  Originally the house had a very small master bath and a small hall bath.  There were two unnecessary hall closets, so we converted the hall closets into the guest bath and busted out the wall between the old bathrooms to create one large master bath.  We also added a first floor laundry and installed a gorgeous new kitchen with tons of countertop space and cabinets.

lackey (1)

We didn’t run into too many problems along the way with this project.  There was some ductwork that needed rerouting, and some plumbing hiccups, but for the most part it was smooth sailing.

They really wanted a first floor laundry, so we were happy to deliver! {Slide the bar to see before and after}

Although the kitchen that was in the home already was nice, they wanted some additional cabinet and counter space as well as a larger island.  We removed the wall between the kitchen and formal dining room to create more space for the kitchen!

  20140820_091719    20140820_092042

The home had a small master bathroom and a small hall bath, but two unnecessary closets in the hallway.  We designed a plan to expand the master bathroom into the guest room and build a new hall bath using the closet space.

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The tile work turned out great, as well as the stone shower floor and the dual shower heads with bench seats!